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Aesthetic medicine for the public

Aesthetic medicine improves appearance and self-esteem, especially in people with real and positive expectations. The choice of aesthetic doctor must be personal, made to improve oneself and to look one’s age without seeking unattainable ideals.

Aesthetic doctor must first of all educate you to prevent damage from general and skin ageing, before then preparing a “maintenance” programme and, thus, a corrective programme.

All this after a complete cosmetic medical check up.

The Società Italiana di Medicina Estetica (SIME – the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine) offers continuous training programmes aimed at ensuring its members complete updating activities, always being informed about new research developments and increasing the quality of their services. Within the Portal, the public can find the reference details of all aesthetic doctors who are SIME Members.

Ordinary Members are doctors who have completed a specific training course in Aesthetic Medicine and, therefore, are in a position to follow this discipline within the broadest possible margins for patient safety.

Through our portal, the public will be able to keep up-to-date on the latest news concerning aesthetic medicine, see interviews with the principal experts in the field and download information on aesthetic treatments and the latest generation products.

SIME is a strong advocate of patient safety and provides continuous and in-depth information regarding the patients.