Study Groups

On the resolution of the Council of SIME, with ratification of the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of May 12, 2017, the Shareholders are given the opportunity to propose the Study Groups conceived as departments with specific roles and specific objectives to be pursued within the Society.

As already happens in other companies, such as SIE, SIMI, SICPRE, SIDEMAst, the Board of Directors may decide the creation of a Study Group of the company on the proposal of at least 3 members in good standing with the payment of the company shares.

The Study Groups will have the purpose of deepening and scientific production, dissemination and coordination among the members involved.

Constituted Study Groups


Chapter Academy

dott.ssa Rosanna Catizzone
dott. Romualdo Crescenzo

Palliative Aesthetic Medicine

dott.ssa Annalisa Beatini
dott. Fulvio Tomaselli

Chapter on Clinical Research

dott.ssa Gloria Trocchi

Chapter on complications in Aesthetic Medicine

dott. Maurizio Cavallini
dott.ssa Gloria Trocchi

Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition in different ages of women

dott. Domenico Centofanti
in collaboration with ANSISA

Aesthetic Medicine, eating disorders and disorders of the body image

dott. Domenico Centofanti
in collaboration with ANSISA

Skin aging

dott. Giuseppe Alessandrini
dott. Domenico Feleppa

Cosmetology in Aesthetic Medicine

dott.ssa Maura Secchi
dott.ssa Maria Veraldi

Dermatology of Medical-Aesthetic competence

dott. Giuseppe Alessandrini
dott.ssa Elisabetta Fulgione

Botulinum toxin in Aesthetics

dott. Emanuele Bartoletti
dott. Ivano Iozzo


dott.ssa Nadia Fraone
dott. Carlo Zannella

Laser in Aesthetic Medicine

dott. Dario Dorato
dott. Alvaro Pacifici

Photodynamic Therapy in Aesthetic Medicine

dott. Bruno Bovani
dott. Fausto Perletto

Aesthetic Medicine of External Genitalia

dott. Domenico Feleppa
dott.ssa Alessandra Lusi

Anti-Aging Medicine

dott.ssa Nadia Fraone
dott.ssa Maura Secchi

Trichology and Cutaneous Appendices in Aesthetic Medicine

dott. Daniele Campo
dott.ssa Xhilda Bisholla

Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery

dott.ssa Loredana Cavalieri
dott. Maurizio Vignoli
dott. Carlo Di Gregorio

Aesthetic Medicine and Physical Activity

dott. Giovanni Alberti
dott. Fausto Perletto

All Members who wish to register for the single Study Groups must notify the SIME secretariat at the following email address:

The Internal Rules of Procedure of the Study Groups are published and can be downloaded here.