SIME Selection procedure for research fellowship

Starting from 2020, SIME, with the aim of promoting a scientific aspect of Aesthetic Medicine in an increasingly evident way, and to push more member to interact further with the company’s activities, has established a call for the funding of each individual’s scientific studies proposed by the ordinary members.

From 2020 SIME will undertake to allocate 10% of its annual economic budget to finance scientific and / or clinical projects related to Aesthetic Medicine presented by its members.

These proposals will be sent to the Board of Directors which will forward them anonymously to a commission of experts created ad hoc, which will evaluate the proposals, giving a score based on a predetermined evaluation grid.

Projects that do not meet all the requirements set out in the announcement will not be accepted.

For the presentation of each scientific project, the need for a careful evaluation of the proposed study in its different components including scientific ones, the planning, and the economic and implementation ones is required in order to be able to consider them compatible with the funding.

The different required characteristics, the presentation protocol, and the dissemination purposes of the project are presented in the relevant Notice.

The President and the Board of Directors consider this activity as another way of allowing for SIME and its members to meet. The efforts made so far have all had a dual direction: on the one hand to improve the background and scientific know-how of SIME, and on the other to be as close to the Members as possible in understanding their interests, needs and predisposition to a scientific update.

The Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine – SIME, in order to promote Clinical Research in Aesthetic Medicine, launched the 1st Call for funding of scientific studies dedicated to its Members in 2020.

The winner of the project will receive a research grant equal to 10% of the SIME annual economic budget.

The study projects can be presented by one or more Ordinary Members or by an Ordinary Member and one or more adhering members and will be evaluated double-blind and anonymously by a commission of experts.

Below you can download the call for the funding of scientific studies.


The following projects were ex aequo winners:

GRACE DRAFT (the Germ Role in Atopic Comunity Experiment)

Presented by Dr. Edi Mattera

Face rejuvenation with carboxytherapy and Collagen Shaping: a split face comparative study

Presented by Dr. Domenico Feleppa

Aware of the importance of the scientific aspect of Aesthetic Medicine, SIME confirms its disposition to allocate part of its budget to finance the scientific projects proposed by its Members.

After the success of the First SIME Call for Clinical Research, the Board of Directors announces the opening of the Call for the year of 2021.

Members in good standing with the quota, interested in participating, will be able to send their project, which must meet the requirements that strictly indicated in the announcement, no later than January 31, 2022.

Bando per la Ricerca Clinica 2021


The winning project was:

The role of platelet growth factors in tissue regeneration: a quantitative evaluation in vasculopathic patients receiving antiplatelet therapy, clinical implications and possible correction techniques

Presented by Dr. Annalisa Calisti


Considerati i feedback altamente positivi ricevuti dall’iniziativa e dopo aver avviato con successo i progetti vincitori delle precedenti edizioni, il Consiglio Direttivo conferma la volontà di promuovere la Ricerca in Medicina Estetica.
Anche per l’anno 2022, quindi, la SIME lancia il Bando di Finanziamento per Progetti di Ricerca, stanziando parte del proprio budget.
I Soci interessati potranno inviare i propri progetti, secondo i criteri riportati nel Bandoentro e non oltre il 31 gennaio 2023.

Bando per la Ricerca Clinica 2022


The winning project was:

Proposta di un protocollo di indagine per eventuali modificazioni del profilo autoanticorpale conseguenti a trattamenti iniettivi con acido ialuronico in soggetti affetti da patologie autoimmuni

Presented by Dr. Cosimo Calabrese