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Aesthetic Medicine
Focus on

  • Natural look: my point of view
  • Truth and beauty: social media credibility
  • Tyroid and Aesthetic Medicine
  • Vitamin D: updates
  • The Millennial Aesthetic Physicians
  • Fake news in Aesthetic Medicine
  • The blemishes of the adolescence
  • Truth is beauty. Aesthetic Medicine is Social Medicine
  • Alternative indications of botulinum toxin
  • Face and body skin laxity
  • “Cellulitis”: new therapeutic scenarios
  • Body dissatisfation, misperception and dysmorphism
  • Environment, nutrition and health
  • Ozone Therapy in Aesthetic Medicine: a restored method?
  • Body reshaping
  • Aesthetic Medicine and fluidity in the new generations
  • Pigmentation disorders: state of the art
  • Photoinduced skin reactions
  • Inflammaging and skin
  • From couperose to rosacea: a correct multidisciplinary approach

Anti-Aging Medicine
Focus on

  • The microbiota today: myth or reality?
  • Antioxidants: bioavailability and efficacy
  • Endocrine disruptors: a role in Aesthetic Medicine?
  • Physical activity, supplements and Aesthetic Medicine
  • Aging and inflammaging
  • The sleep and its changes with age

Aesthetic Medicine

  • A Prevention and Care Path of patient: personal experience
  • Acne: an integrated approach
  • Aesthetic and functional gynecology
  • Adverse events in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Aesthetic Medicine for Oncology: experiences
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Biostimulation, biorestructuring and bio-supplementation
  • Body and face districts: different approaches
  • Botulinum Toxin: different experiences with different medications
  • Case reports
  • Combined protocols in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Cosmetology: new formulas and active principles
  • Dermatology within the competence of aesthetic medicine practitioners
  • Dyschromia: treatment options
  • Edematofibrosclerotic panniculopathy and localised adiposity
  • Evidence Based Aesthetic Medicine: clinical experiences
  • Fillers: from filling to volumization
  • Functional Anatomy in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Hands and feet: new possibilities in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Homeopathy and homotoxycology in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Laser and Energy-based Devices in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Long Covid and Aesthetic Medicine
  • Marketing and Aesthetic Medicine
  • Medical and surgical phlebolymphology
  • Medical Rhinoplasty
  • Mesotherapy in Aesthetic Medicine
  • My best result
  • Neuromodulation and Mechanical Myomodulation
  • New proposals in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Non-surgical lifting
  • Nutrition, obesity and eating disorders
  • Peelings: new approaches, new formulations
  • Reconstructive Aesthetic Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine: a progressive increase in scientific evidence
  • Social Aesthetic Medicine
  • Striae distensae
  • Tattoos in an evolving world
  • The arms: possibilities and limitations in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Treatment plans in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Trichology updates

Truth is beauty 2.0

2023. Our annual Congress is once again coming up, and this year we have decided to reference a phrase that is very dear to SIME, with the aim of updating it with new contents and filling it with the experiences and scientific and cultural exchanges, which have up until now, contributed to our formation and our clinical practice.

The concept of beauty deals with taking care of our own body and our own integrity through a complete search for our wellbeing, which looks at our psychologic, physical and emotive spheres.

The Aesthetic Doctor therefore places themselves in the crossroads between these worlds which help each other in obtaining a “global” beauty, caring for the patient at 360°; this beauty mainly revolves around prevention, but also the maintenance and monitoring of an individual’s ageing processes, with emphasis on the balance of the shapes and volumes, aside from the constant search for elegance, always caring for the patient’s safety.

Furthermore, Aesthetic Medicine has, in its practice, and progressively more, become a “Social” Medicine, looking amongst other medical specialties for opportunities to join and find solutions to our patients’ problems, responsibly dividing each professional’s specific abilities.

Therefore, the diagnostic approach, the “check-up” part of Aesthetic Medicine, becomes an important moment for the prevention of dermatological and endocrine diseases, to educate on nutrition, for the prescription of physical activity, to define the limits and synergies between aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, and with other branches of Medicine always working by our side. Because of this, for years, SIME has been growing in its number of sessions in collaboration with important Scientific Associations and different medical specializations, and sessions dedicated to problems in which useful practical aspects are taken into use for the cultural baggage of the Aesthetic Doctor.

SIME has acquired a progressively higher level of awareness in these years, especially in respects to the role of Aesthetic Medicine when dealing with patients affected by oncological diseases, because today survival is progressively becoming more of a possibility and allowing one to have a dignified lifestyle also means improving the prognosis of the disease. We therefore start talking with more and more concreteness about the presence of the Aesthetic Doctor in the Breast Unit, also in a hospital environment.

Allowing one to trust themselves, the way they look, their femininity, means giving back to beauty its truth and this is the main mission of Aesthetic Medicine.

Starting from this, we will naturally face all the different therapeutic possibilities, involving important Italian and foreign researchers.

We will focus on sharing all the news on fillers, biostimulation, botulinum toxin, regenerative medicine and new technologies, without overlooking cosmetology which has always helped us in our path to prevent anti-aging.

The sharing of ideas will, also this year, be the focal point of our congress with foreign and Italian KOLs with profound scientific and clinical bacgkrounds. Because of this, we invite you join us and contribute with your own experiences.

Emanuele Bartoletti
President of SIME 2023

Felice Strollo
President of the 18th AIMAA Congress

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Congress venue

Congress Centre Rome Cavalieri
Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts

Via Cadlolo, 101 – 00136 Rome

Scientific Secretariat

Via Monte Zebio, 28 – 00195 Rome
Phone – Fax: +39 06/3217304 –

Organizing Secretariat
Salus Internazionale ECM – Provider ECM 763

Via Monte Zebio, 28 – 00195 Rome
Phone +39 06/37353333 –

Hotel Reservations
Ideameeting International srl

Via Fonte di Fauno 2a – 00153 Rome
Phone +39 345 6222817