Internal Regulations for Study Groups

Internal Regulations of SIME

Study Groups

1. Establishing study groups

The Board of Directors can deliberate the creation of a Study Group of the company, with an ad hoc regulation, coordinated by SIME Ordinary Members, with the primary purpose of establishing a point of reference for continuous training.

The interdisciplinary value of the subject in question is a priority condition for the presentation of a proposal to activate a new SIME study group. A SIME study group is in fact set up to bring together experts in the sector and to facilitate cultural exchanges.

The SIME Board of Directors approves the establishment of a SIME study group, on the proposal of at least 3 fully paid-up Members.

Upon presentation of the study group, the constituents must provide the SIME CD with:

  1. Purpose
  2. Participants names
  3. Work
  4. Proposal of congresses in which you want to participate for diffusion purposes

Every 6 months the coordinators will have to provide an update of the activity.

2. Responsibilities

Each Study Group is coordinated by one or two Coordinators. The Coordinators are appointed by the Board of Directors of SIME for the duration of two years.

The Coordinators can choose from among the members of the Study Group a Secretary, who stays in office for two years.

The Coordinator can ask the Board of Directors of SIME to include external personalities within the Study Group that can contribute to the scientific activity of the Group.

The Coordinators in charge must periodically meet the SIME Executive Board to report on the activity of the Study Group. The Coordinator, moreover, will be available to take part in the meetings of the Board of Directors upon formal convocation from the same to report and discuss topics related to the reference Group. They will not have voting rights.

3. Tasks of the Study Group

3.1 The Study Group may, in synergy with the SIME Board of Directors, define protocols and / or guidelines; promote collaboration in national and international research; participate in conferences for dissemination purposes. These initiatives must be approved by the CD.

3.2 The Study Group must identify the national and international Societies dedicated to the topic that can be a source of updating and training and related Congresses.

3.3 The Study Group should encourage the creation of a regional and inter-regional collaboration network in order to bring together the SIME Members of the various regions under the aegis and the guidelines or protocols proposed by Sime.

To this end, the study group can propose to its members multi-centre work and carry out investigations on the methods used.

3.4 The Study Group will have to create a dedicated page on the SIME website, which allows contacts to communicate with the members, updating them continuously.

3.5 It will update the members on the dates of the most important national and international congressional events.

3.6 It will also update members of the study group and the SIME CD on the technologies, medical and pharmacological areas of interest of the study group itself.

3.7 The Study Group can contribute to the organisation of the reference section within the annual SIME congress, working with and supporting the Congress President.

3.8 The Study Group will also have the task of promoting cooperation between the members already active in the branch and the company itself in order to implement scientific production.

To this end, it will undertake to produce at least one scientific work every 2 years to be published in the Aesthetic Medicine journal.

It will also undertake to produce at least one scientific presentation at the annual SIME Congress as well as at the sponsored reference Congresses.

All Members who wish to register for the single Study Groups must notify the SIME secretariat at the following email address: