Internal Regulations of SIME

Study Groups

Article 1

Constitution of Study Groups

1.1.       The Board of Governors can approve of the creation of Study Groups of the society coordinated by SIME Ordinary Members and with the primary goal of representing a point of reference for continuous training.

1.2. In oder to submit a proposal for the creation of a new SIME Study Group, the topic interdisciplinary value is a priority. A SIME Study Group is created to gather the experts of a sector and facilitate cultural exchanges.

1.3. The Board of Governors SIME approves of the constitution of SIME  Study Groups, upon proposal of at least 3 (three) (ordinary or subscribing members) who regularly paid the fees and appoints the Coordinator and Secretary as specified in Article 2.

1.4. In any case the approval of the Study Group is subordinated to prior verification of the following information:

  1. Aims of Study Group;
  2. Names of participants;
  3. Profession of the participants in the Study Group with particular attention to the specific training in Aesthetic Medicine;
  4. Proposal of congresses the participants of the Study Group want to participate in for informative purposes

Article 2


2.1. The Board of Governors appoints, among the members of the Study Group, the Study Group Coordinator and Secretary. The Coordinators can also be 2 (two) if requested by the importance of the activities carried out by the Study Group. The Study Group Coordinator and Secretary hold their position for 2 (two) renewable years.

2.2.  if the Secretary is not appointed by the Board of Governors, he/she can be directly appointed by the members of the Study Group.

2.3.    Every 6 (six) months, the Coordinator and the Secretary must present an update of the activities carried out to the Board of Governors who, consequently, will inform the Meeting. The  Coordinator must also meet periodically the SIME President to inform him/her about the Study Group activity and will be available to participate in the meeting of the Board of Governors, with no right to vote, upon its formal convocation to inform and discuss the relevant topics related to the reference Study Group.

Articolo 3

Study Group duties

3.1. The Study Group can, in cooperation with SIME Board of Governors, define the protocols and/or guidelines; promote the collaboration in the national and international research; participation in conferences for informative purposes. These initiatives will have to be approved by the Board of Governors.

3.2. The Study Group will identify the national and international Societies specialized in the topic that can represent a source of update and training and Congresses.

3.3 The Study Group will promote the creation of a regional and inter-regional collaboration network in order to unite SIME members of various regions and provinces under the auspices and the guidelines or protocols proposed by SIME. To this end, the Study Group can propose to its participants multicentre works and carry out studies on the methodologies used.  

3.4. The Study Group will create a dedicated page on SIME website, that will allow the Coordinators and Secretary to communicate to the participants updating them on a regular basis.

3.5. It will update the participants on the dates of the most important national and international congresses.  

3.6. Moreover, it will update the participants of SIME Study Group and the Board of Governors on the technologies, medical and non–drug aids of interest of the Study Group itself.

3.7. The Study Group can contribute to the organization of the reference section in the yearly SIME congress by cooperating and supporting the President. 

3.8. Moreover, the Study Group will have to promote the cooperation among the members already active in the branch and the society itself in order to implement the scientific production. To this end, it will produce at least one scientific work every 2 (two) years to be published on the magazine “Aesthetic Medicine”. Moreover, it will produce at least a scientific presentation at SIME Congress as well as at the reference patronised Congresses.

All Members wanting to enroll in the single Study Groups, will have to communicate it to SIME secretaryship to the mail: