Book "Truth is beauty"

Truth is beauty
Italian Aesthetic Medicine
Our present bound in 158 pages


On the occasion of the 40th edition of its annual Congress, SIME published its first book for the public, to which some of the main exponents for the growth of Italian Aesthetic Medicine, and a large and authoritative representation of Sime Members contributed.

“Beauty is Truth – Aesthetic Medicine in Italy Today” is a book created with the intention of providing Members with an important tool that represents our profession. It is a proper business card, a method of distinction for Sime Aesthetic Doctors. 

The Volume is available in two versions: a Deluxe one – with an elegant hard cover, a real coffee table book – and a soft cover version. 

The book had a great response among the Members who were able to appreciate its validity. Many have decided to buy multiple copies in order to pay homage to patients or friends in turn.

As we strongly believe in the value of this volume, we’re dedicated to extending our audience as much as possible, starting from the waiting rooms of our Professional Practices, where patients, by leafing through it, will be able to get an idea of ​​who they are, what they believe in and what the ethical code is for SIME Aesthetic Doctors. 

For ongoing Members the price of the volume is discounted:

Soft cover: 23€ – cover prise 33€ + 7€ shipping cost

Deluxe version (hard copy): 50€ – cover price 72€ + 7€ shipping cost

If interested in purchasing this volume, please contact our secretariat through the following email address: