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Aesthetic Medicine
Focus on

  • Sensitive skin
  • Adult acne
  • Shiny face, dull face, luminous face
  • Nails and hair: the well-being of the skin appendages
  • How I do it: labiomental fold
  • How I do it: supraorbital region
  • How I do it: suprapatellar region
  • The obesogenic environment: energy balance in an unbalanced world
  • Tailor-made Aesthetic Medicine vs Social Media Trends
  • Adverse events in Aesthetic Medicine: beyond the fillers
  • New frontiers of the chemodenervation
  • Fake news in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Commercial and regulatory tools available to the Aesthetic Medicine Doctor for the economic upturn
  • Comparison of different nutritional approaches
  • “Minor” eating disorders
  • Instrumental measurement of the aesthetic results of the face
  • Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation with low economic impact
  • Therapeutic algorithms 2.0
  • Microcirculation and Aesthetic Medicine: not only EFSP
  • Ideal methods of cure: the Aesthetic Medicine in the Breast Unit
  • Early menopause, Aesthetic Medicine implications

Anti-Aging Medicine
Focus on

  • Visceral adiposity and stress
  • Sexuality and Aestehtic Medicine
  • Medical prescription of the physical activity
  • Aging, the Medicine of the future
  • Aging and antioxidant: yes or not
  • Sleep and his changes with age

Aesthetic Medicine

  • Acne in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Anatomy in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Biostimulation and Biorestructuring
  • Case reports
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Adverse events in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Cosmetology: updates and innovations
  • Covid and Aesthetic Medicine
  • Dermatology of medical-aesthetic competence
  • Evidence Based Aesthetic Medicine
  • Fillers
  • Medical and surgical phlebology
  • Aesthetic and functional gynaecology
  • My best result
  • Hyperpigmentation and melasma: therapeutic proposals
  • Laser and Energy-based Devices in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Non-surgical lifting: from threads to new technologies
  • Hands and feet: update in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Marketing and Aesthetic Medicine
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Reconstructive Aesthetic Medicine
  • Social Aesthetic Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine and PRP: innovations and scientific evidence
  • Mesotherapy in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Neuromodulation and Mechanical Myomodulation
  • New proposals in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Nutrition, obesity and eating disorders
  • Homeopathy and homotoxycology: Bio-Aesthetic Medicine
  • Peelings: new approaches, new formulations
  • Edematofibrosclerotic panniculopathy and localised adiposity
  • Combined protocols in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Rhinofiller
  • Tattoos: risks, safety and care
  • Trichology updates

Colors, volumes and surfaces
Strategies in Aesthetic Medicine

A face’s brightness, a healthy complexion, and the smoothness of a tense and compact body surface represent some of the objectives of Aesthetic Medicine which increasingly operates through consolidated and scientifically valid strategies.

Modern technologies allow to create reliable therapies, seeking and obtaining, even creatively, a well-being that integrates the state of health with the beauty and harmony of the person.

Being beautiful and healthy is a part of a project, which must meet the needs of our patients while respecting the safety and naturalness of the result.

The scientific rigor that we saw last year, based on the application of the rules of Evidence Based Medicine to the therapeutic paths of Aesthetic Medicine, will be re-introduced this year in interesting and innovative pre-arranged sessions.

The Scientific Committee has developed, for the 43rd Congress, a dynamic organization that will give participants the chance to share their experiences in interactive round tables, so that they finally take their time to cease any doubts, ask questions and have debates.

There will also be video sessions at the end to furtherly analyze new techniques and/or to present the “how I do”s of Italian and foreign opinion leaders, still keeping the level of each Aesthetic Medicine theme rather high.

SIME, as usual, will join AIMAA to create its yearly Congress, as Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine are now known to be very complementary disciplines, that mould their knowledge and share their cultural backgrounds with the aim of reaching a person’s wellbeing.

The historic collaboration with the numerous Scientific Societies, which share interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic paths with Aesthetic Medicine, will also be present at the next Congress.

Finally, the always important participation of the numerous companies will certainly bring further news and opportunities for scientific updating which are fundamental for our daily clinical activity.

With this short introductory letter, we would like you to know that we are now open to receive your abstracts. We have always believed that the Congress is above all a cultural and scientific exchange, where you can find comfort and compare clinical procedures, where discussions can be constructive and educational.

Hence the exhortation to participate in large numbers but, above all, with the enthusiasm and scientific curiosity that stimulates and enriches our work.

Emanuele Bartoletti
President of SIME 2022

Felice Strollo
President of the 17th AIMAA Congress

Logo 43 Congresso En
Patrocinio Di En

Congress venue

Congress Centre Rome Cavalieri
Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts

Via Cadlolo, 101 – 00136 Rome

Scientific Secretariat

Via Monte Zebio, 28 – 00195 Rome
Phone – Fax: +39 06/3217304 –

Organizing Secretariat
Salus Internazionale ECM – Provider ECM 763

Via Monte Zebio, 28 – 00195 Rome
Phone +39 06/37353333 –

Hotel Reservations
Ideameeting International srl

Via Fonte di Fauno 2a – 00153 Rome
Phone +39 345 6222817