Carlo Alberto Bartoletti Foundation

The Carlo Alberto Bartoletti Foundation for promotion, research and safety in Aesthetic Medicine will award every year the best thesis in Aesthetic Medicine, in honour of professor Carlo Alberto Bartoletti and in order to remember his untiring commitment to teaching and sharing of knowledge.

The candidates must have: a degree achieved at EFAMS – European Federation of Aesthetic Medicine Schools, or a two or three-year-long Italian University Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine, or a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine or a degree achieved at a School of Aesthetic Medicine organised by Scientific Societies belonging to the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME). And the candidates must have defended their thesis during the academic year 2015/2016.

The Carlo Alberto Bartoletti Foundation was established in order to honor his memory and to remember his great commitment towards knowledge teaching and sharing.

The foundation aims to spread medical scientific knowledge with particular attention to the following activities:

  • providing and financing scholarships and/or awards for deserving students engaged in medical research with a focus on Aesthetic Medicine;
  • promoting ethical and social initiatives in collaboration with Italian and foreign Institutions and Foundations;
  • organising Continuing Medical Education (ECM) and professional and scientific development activities in the health field;
  • promoting training and orienting services in the health and social field;
  • promoting Schools of specialisation and postgraduate Courses with particular attention to Aesthetic Medicine;
  • organising congresses, conferences, seminars, meetings and discussions about medical matters;
  • editing and publishing medical articles focused on Aesthetic Medicine;
  • developing partnerships and synergies with other public or private Organisations (national or international) which work in the areas of interest of the Foundation and share its spirit and purpose.

President: Emanuele Bartoletti



The  Carlo  Alberto  Bartoletti  Foundation  for  promotion,  research  and  safety  in  Aesthetic  Medicine will award this year again the best thesis in Aesthetic Medicine, defended during the academic year 2019/2020, in  honour  of  professor  Carlo  Alberto  Bartoletti  and  in  order  to  remember his untiring commitment to teaching and sharing of knowledge.


The  call  is  open  to  the  best  thesis  in  Aesthetic  Medicine.  The  award  will  consist  of  annual  subscription  to  two  indexed  Journals  “Dermatologic  Surgery”  and  “Journal  of  Cosmetic  Dermatology”.   He/she will also receive a plaque of acknowledgement for his/her scientific production. 


Carlo Alberto Bartoletti Award 2021 (click here)