The website LAMEDICINAESTETICA.IT is an interactive service of information and sharing of

experiences and contents, aimed to spread out knowledge and innovations about medical and scientific topics related to Aesthetic Medicine.

The website has been created thanks to a 35 year-long experience of the staff of Editrice Salus Internazionale srl in the field of publishing and medical education and allows levels of interaction among different users, promoting professional development directly online.

What can users do on our website?

The fundamental part of the website is the informative and editorial one. Each user can access information according to his/her professional interests.

The meeting point among the different users are:

*Doctors     *Companies *Students

*Managers  *Health-care Professionals  *Others


Throughout social networks people share insights, implementing and enriching their own professional knowledge. It is possible to follow topics of scientific interest, authoritative sources and be updated on the guidelines defined by SIME Congress, the main Italian event dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine.

LAMEDICINAESTETICA.IT expands thanks to the subscriber's activities. Indeed, the subscribers can become publishers producing content and presenting it to the Scientific Committee.

The amount of information available is updated day after day thanks to the DOWNLOAD  CENTER,

a Functional area that collects Scientific Documentation.  In this section, subscribers can publish, download contents and informed material , accessing and comparing it with other reliable informations and updated material.


Users who access the professional FAD platform have the opportunity to participate in online courses accredited as CME Standard Provider  by EDITRICE SALUS INTERNAZIONALE.

Business users

In the section dedicated to business users, companies, making online presentations of their products, have the opportunity to inform doctors on the latest scientific innovations.


The interactive part of the portal, made by all of these elements, is constantly changing and integrates harmoniously the institutional part of the website.