Aesthetic Medicine

Official Journal of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine - UIME


In recent years, aesthetics has become quite important in every aspect of everyday life: following the hundreds of journals, magazines, blogs and websites drawing attention to this interesting and fascinating topic, the demand for aesthetic medicine has multiplied.

Aesthetic Medicine is a medicine field, in which different specialists share the aim of constructing and reconstructing the physical equilibrium of the individual. Treatment of physical aesthetic alterations and the unaesthetic sequelae of illnesses or injuries, together with the prevention of aging, are perhaps two of the most iconic areas of intervention for Aesthetic Medicine.

However, in order to prevent frailty in the elderly, an educational programme is also important. Furthermore, the line between health and beauty is extremely thin: psychosomatic disorders resulting from low selfesteem for aesthetic reasons are frequent, and cannot be ignored by a clinician.

It is therefore clear that there is no figure in the field of medicine who is not involved in Aesthetic Medicine: endocrinologists, gynaecologists, angiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, orthopaedists, physical education instructors, massophysiotherapists, podiatrists, and rehabilitation therapists are just some of the specialists who are sooner or later going to have to answer their patients’ needs for aesthetic interventions.

The involvement of all these specialists fits the description of health as defined by the WHO: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” for which, undeniably, a team of different physicians is required.

The number of patients requiring medical consultation for aesthetic reasons is rapidly increasing: in order to be able to provide adequate feedback, medical and paramedical specialists should be trained and, more importantly, should be taught how to work together.

Existing Societies of Aesthetic Medicine from different countries share the aim of creating such teams and provide constant updates to the literature: the creation of an international network of specialists from all around the world under the flag of Aesthetic Medicine represents a challenge, but at the same time it is proof of the widespread interest in this topic.

The first issue of this Journal represents the results of the efforts of the many national Societies and of the Union Internationale de Médecine Esthétique (UIME), now together as one; it is our hope that in years to come this Journal might improve our knowledge in this field, and provide adequate scientific advancement in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. 


Francesco Romanelli, MD Editor-in-chief Associate Professor at “Sapienza” University of Rome