Study Programme


Italian and foreign medical graduates.


Aesthetic Medicine is a medical discipline committed to the construction and reconstruction of the individual’s psycho-physical balance. It is adressed to all individuals who do not accept their aesthetic problems. Basically, it promotes the quality of life and health as well as psycho-physical well-being. First of all, it is a prevention medical discipline and also a corrective one. During the prevention phase the doctor teaches the patient how to be aware of their inherited physical features and to accept it in order to protect and manage them according to rules of well-being: nutritional, physical, psychological, behavioural, and cosmetological. During the corrective phase, the programme implies just official techniques: surgical, physiokinetic, thermal and cosmetic.


It is a four-year course that includes 200 hours of lessons given by the University, Hospital and well-known international experts in Aesthetic Medicine.

1st Year
Cultural Anthropology - Biochemistry – Communication I - General Cosmetology I - Chronobiology - Dermatology I - Epidemiology - Ethics I – Philosophy of Medicine - Sport Maintenance Physiology -- Phlebolymphology I- Dental Hygiene - Management I – Emergency Medicine I - Mesotherapy – Research methodology I - Methodology of - Orthostatics - Pedagogy – Clinical Psychology - Sociology – Nutritional Science - Aesthetic Medicine I – Laboratory practice sessions connected to 1st year courses -Video Photo techniques.

2nd Year
Communication II – General Cosmetology II – Medical Cosmetology I - Deontology – Dermatology II – Diathermy surgery - Philosophy of Medicine – Physiology of nutrition - Phlebolymphology II – General Geriatrics – Endocrinological Gynecology - Kinesiology - Healthcare Legislation - Management II - Research methodology II – Healthcare Organisation – Clinical Psychology II - Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology - Relaxation Techniques - Trichology – Aesthetic Medicine I- Laboratory practice sessions of subjects connected to 2nd year courses

3rd Year
Andrology - Biophysics – Biochemistry - Plastic Surgery – Communication III – General Cosmetology III – Medical Cosmetology II - Dermatology III - Endocrinology – Aesthetic Physiotherapy- Phytotherapy - Phlebolymphology III – Endocrinological Gynecology II – Medical corrective gym - Laser therapy - Management III – Legal Medicine - Research methodology III – Thermal methodology - Clinical Nutrition - Podology - Psychiatry – Clinical Psychology III – Medical Toxicology - Trichiatrics – Aesthetic Medicine III – Laboratory practice sessions of subjects connected to 3rd year courses 

4th Year
Communication IV – Medical Cosmetology III - Management IV – Emergency Medicine II – Legal Medicine – Research methodology III – Aesthetic Medicine IV - Ophthalmology - Odontostomatology - Orthopedics – Ear Nose and Throat - Practice sessions in Aesthetic Medicine outpatient clinics.


Didactic methodology is articulated as follow:

  • Systematic lessons and plenary discussions
  • Summary lessons
  • Special lessons
  • Practical sessions and individual tests in labs
  • Traineeship in Outpatient Service of Aesthetic Medicine at Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Tiber Island, Rome, at the Italian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine in Milan and at different Universities, Hospitals and private structures
  • Group works
  • Italian and foreign experiences
  • Insights and individual studies of Aesthetic Medicine


The school, situated in Rome, has reached its 25th Academic Year with 1123 doctors of whom 549 have obtained a Certification Degree.


On March 21, 1994, the International School of Aesthetic Medicine and FIF (International Fatebenefratelli Foundation) opened the Outpatient Services of Aesthetic Medicine to the public at the "S. Giovanni Calibita" Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Tiber Island, Rome. To date, it is the first and only experiment of Aesthetic Medicine within a public Hospital. On February 3, 1999 the Foundation opened a new site in Milan, at the Italian Institution of Aesthetic Medicine. Since 2005 there has been a new Outpatient Service at the Villa Serena, Catanzaro. These structures are both the training ground for practical training of the students and a place where a greater number of patients can have access to hospital fees that are less expensive than those they might incur in private structures. The services, based mostly on prevention, are aimed at the patient whose quality of life is diminished due to their aesthetic problem.


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