La Medicina Estetica is a new medical branch, which deals with improving the quality of life of those who live uneasily because they do not accept their imperfections. Basically, it realizes a prevention program in general aging and skin aging, and then deals with the correction of the face and body's  imperfections. The latter, can be congenital or may be acquired over the years, due to aging or lifestyle.

Medicina Estetica also deals with the construction and reconstruction of the psychophysical balance of a healthy person,  that can live his/her life with discomfort due to a not accepted physical imperfection, or that requires an appropriate life management, suggestions and  targeted operations to control their general and skin aging. Indeed, people addressing to Aesthetic Medicine request a prescription useful to improve the quality of their life in order to maintain  an optimal physical and mental condition over the years.

Moreover, Aesthetic Medicine finalizes it’s work – as “expression of a physical and psychological health condition and not as absence of disease”-  to achieve and maintain health agreement as recommended by the World Health Organization  This discipline, confirming the contents of preventive, corrective, restorative and rehabilitative medicine as a social background, proposed in Italy about 35 years ago, honed, in over thirty years of cultural experience and presenting itself today , essentially, as a preventive medicine.

The history of  Aesthetic Medicine in Italy, was established in France as a medical and scientific movement in 1973 thanks to the intuition of Jean Jacques Legrand, endocrinologist  from Paris. While in Italy, it was established in 1975 with the foundation of the Italian society of Aesthetic medicine by Carlo Alberto Bartoletti, geriatrician of Rome.  Currently there are 26 National Societies of Aesthetic Medicine all over the wolrd, which are part of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME) based in Paris. SIME since 1976 organizes annual congresses, in collaboration with universities and hospitals to ensure medical quality and harshness of the Aesthetic Medicine's topics.

 Since 1990-1991, SIME has promoted together with the Fatebenefratelli Foundation for Research and Training in Health and Social Care in Rome, the first four-year school training in Aesthetic Medicine. This school, is  reserved for graduates in Medicine and it offers a total of 800 teaching hours. The school, based in Rome, has come to the XXIV Academic year of teaching (2013-2014). Today, over 1,500 Italian and foreign doctors  gradueted in the school. The International School of Aesthetic Medicine, founded by Carlo Alberto Bartoletti, opened to the public since 1994, at the General Hospital "San Giovanni Calibita" Fatebenefratelli Tiber island in Rome,and also the Outpatient Service of Aesthetic Medicine (SAMEst) was opened for the public. These structures have a dual purpose: to be the seat of practical training for physicians enrolled in the school and for graduates; they offer a wider social stratum of the population, with special rates and the opportunity to make use of a preventive medicine that caters primarily to those who live their lives uncomfortable for not accepting imperfections. A further important milestone in the history of Aesthetic Medicine was the creation, in 1977 of the Journal of Aesthetic Medicine. The journal,with a multidisciplinary nature, is now in Its 37th year of publication and is a quarterly magazine that is distributed mainly in Italy but also in Europe.