11th European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine




Congress Programme
11th European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine
37th SIME Congress
11th AIMAA Congress

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11th European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine
37th SIME Congress
11th AIMAA Congress

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11th European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine
37th SIME Congress
11th AIMAA Congress

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Dear Colleagues and dear Sime Members,

it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 37th National Congress of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine: this edition, as well as the National Congress of the Italian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, will have the honour of hosting the 11th European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, promoted by the Union Internationale de Médecine Esthétique (UIME), which gathers 27 National Societies of Aesthetic Medicine worldwide.
Thanks to the enthusiastic participation and support of the Societies belonging to the UIME, this year the Congress will be influenced by a strongly international atmosphere and will allow the delegates to acquire interesting contents from the comparison of different experiences of well-known experts and opinion leaders. In particular, the management of complications in Aesthetic Medicine will be discussed; it is a topic of great interest for the aesthetic medical doctor who is daily dealing with “healthy” patients. It is, therefore, crucial to maintain the highest margin of safety in order to assure these patients that they will not get sick due to medical aesthetic treatments. During the Congress, we will try to discuss some guidelines defined in order to manage complications and we will focus on complications related to absorbable fillers.
Two other important sessions will be an update on peelings and a discussion concentrated on the achievement of maximum result with minimum treatment: on these occasions foreign speakers with a very long experience in the field will give their contribution.
In addition to the classic sessions, there will be two new approaches of comparing techniques: the boxing ring, where two experts will discuss two opposing scientific thesis (biostimulation - autologous Vs heterologous - and a volumetric restoring - threads Vs fillers); and the round table, as a series of questions asked to international opinion leaders about the threads in Aesthetic Medicine. There will be advocates and detractors who will discuss the scientific evidence regarding these new devices.
As in the past editions, the Congress will be preceded by a theoretical and practical course, Hi Tech Genitalia, organised in cooperation with the Italian Association of Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology (AIGEF) and dedicated to updates on treatments of Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology. The course provides, for the first time in our Congress, a live surgery via satellite from the operating room.
A warm “thanks” to all the institutions who gave patronage to this important manifestation, to all the scientific Societies that gave contribution of their Scientific collaboration and to all the people who allowed its realization: the Coordinators, the Members of the Scientific Committee, the Moderators, the session Secretaries, the Scientific and Organizing Secretariat, and as always, to the companies that support the Congress with their participation: over 120 Companies this year will join the event. Moreover, thanks to all the delegates that with their participation reward us for our sustained commitment and encourage us to continue providing them with a wider scientific update for their professional education.
Last but not least, a special thanks to all the colleagues who are sending every year more and more scientific works of great interest and quality making this Congress the most important occasion of discussion in Aesthetic Medicine. This year, furthermore, we have a very high number of delegates from all over the world: 462 reports submitted by 334 different delegates, with almost one quarter coming from abroad.
As a consequence of the success of this edition, we will try to maintain the same level of internationality in the future.
The high number of foreign participants in the event represents an important recognition for SIME as leading society within the UIME and as a constantly growing scientific association.

Emanuele Bartoletti

President of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine - SIME



Dr. Emanuele Bartoletti, President of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine - SIME, presenting numbers of the 11th European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and introduces the most important news.



  • Absorbable tension and biostimulation threads in different body areas
  • Facial harmonisation: meeting of experts
  • Resorbable filler complications: not only hyaluronidase
  • Peelings: new and consolidated experiences
  • Maximum outcome with minimal treatment (MOMT)
  • Ethics and Aesthetic Medicine
  • Palliative Aesthetic Medicine and supporting care
  • Nutrition: microbiota and microbiome
  • Vitamin D
  • New trends in obesity and overweight diagnosis
  • Body Aesthetic Medicine: science or marketing?
  • Stem cells, PRP, regenerative medicine: options for the future of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Combined treatments: efficacy, patient safety or aesthetic medical business?
  • Cosmetic surveillance


Aesthetic Medicine Topics

  • New treatments in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Fillers and Peelings
  • Chemodenervation: updates
  • Functional cosmetics
  • Skin Aging: synergies of physical and chemical biostimulation
  • Lasers and technologies in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Facial Rejuvenation and mini-invasive techniques
  • Aesthetic Medicine in Dermatology
  • Phlebology and Aesthetic Medicine
  • District Intradermal Therapy
  • Functionality and Aesthetics of external genitals
  • Trichology today
  • Nutrition and Nutrigenomics
  • Psychological and psychosocial aspects in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Legal and insurance implications in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Medicine for Men
  • Striae distensae treatment
  • Medical management of tattoos and piercings
  • Hair and nails wellness


Anti-Aging Topics

  • Hormesis in practice: episodic stress lengthens life
  • Aging markers: updates
  • Environment and aging: the epigenetic relationship
  • Anti-aging foods: myths and facts
  • Fitness as medicine: biomolecular aspects


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